Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone that knows how to sell a car can join as a salesperson.

No! EasyUpp is meant to help you sell a car completely on your own time. If you do work at a dealership, that’s fine but it’s not necessary.

EasyUpp is completely free for all salespeople. The only time we will need your financial information is when we are ACHing your commissions into your account.

EasyUpp doesn’t believe in complicated commissions or hard to reach bonuses. When you sell a car, you get $400 every time. New Car? $400. Used Car? $400. Cheap Car? $400. Expensive car? $400. Nothing to calculate, help your customer and make $400.

YES! If you refer someone to join EasyUpp, all they have to do is list your name when they sign up. Then, when they sell their first car, you get $200 too!

We welcome all New Car Franchise dealerships to join our program and many used car dealerships as well. If you have more than 50 cars in inventory, you’re probably a fit. We’ll even consider exceptions on a case by case basis.

Yes! We can either work the whole deal and close it to be delivered to your customer at home or you can just give us the customer’s info and we can set it up at the dealership for you as a split deal. In this case, you’ll receive half the normal commission without having to go in or finish the deal. A half of something is better than all of nothing right?

We’ve already got well over 10,000 cars to choose from and we are growing every month. Our goal is to have over 50,000 cars available for you to sell by the end of 2020.

Possibly! When we don’t have the right vehicle, if you let us know what you need, we’re often able to go out and find it for you in our extended network. This is one of the ways we end up adding new dealerships to our network!

Once we receive payment from the dealer, we send you a check or ACH the money directly into your account. Usually in 48 hours after the deal has been closed and confirmed.

EasyUpp is free to dealers until they sell a car. You only pay once you start selling cars.